Visit us

Do you want to come and have a look and to try on our dresses?

Our shop at Laugavegur 168 (entrance on the side) is open all Thursdays from 14:00 til 18:00

Fittings are made by appointment only through phone number 8621160 or by sending us a message on our Facebook account Begga Design. You can also write us an email to

The fee for first fitting is 6.500kr and if you buy a dress of ours that will be discounted from the price of the dress, fittings after that have a charge of 3.500kr.

To get the most out of your fitting we would like to give you some advice. It is important for you to feel well about yourself so is better if you come a little bit prepared, well groomed, wear a good bra that gives good support, if possible similar to the one you might use on your big day and in a soft color. The ideal ones are nude or white.

Avoid black bras and especially sport bras that may interfere with the light color dresses you will be trying on.

Please do not wear foundation or makeup that can stain our dresses and also do not come recently spray tanned. It is very important for us to keep all our garments in top shape for you and the ones that come after you so we can grant you all a great experience in your fitting.

Do not worry about bringing shoes with you, we have a selection of shoes you can try on.

We only attend one bride at a time, so you have us all for yourself and do feel free to bring your friends with you, we have plenty of space and will receive you in our beautiful fitting room and serve you champagne and chocolates so you all have a great time with us.

Trying on different styles can really help you find the perfect wedding dress for your figure and taste.

We look forward to seeing you♥