Good advice

Wear comfortable shoes
You’ve got a very long day ahead of you and it’s important for you to feel comfortable. It can even be a good idea to change shoes for the party. High heels are beautiful and do wonders for our figure, but you are going to be on foot for hours chatting with your guests and you probably want to take a spin. Too new shoes and too high heels can ruin all the fun. It’s not a bad idea to use the shoes a little before your wedding day. Put them on at home occasionally one or two weeks before the wedding. Don’t use them for the first day on your wedding day that can be a disaster.

Choose the appropriate underwear
They don not necesarily have to be white, nude can some times be a better option. Take care that straps are not seen, unless you are wearing a transparent garment and it is necesary. It‘s important that the underwear you use do somthing for your figure. For example make your bust nicer, that they fit perfectly under the dress you are wearing. Ofcourse it‘s needless to mention that if you are vearing a thight dress or skirt, make sure that your underpants do not make a mark. For tight dresses or skirts it can be a good option to use shapeup underwear. Tights can also leave a mark on you lower belly so it can be better to wear hig stocking with silicon stripe if you need to wear tights or stokkings at all.

Buy the right size
Many brides plan on loosing weight before theyr wedding, Be carefull not to buy a dress that is to small and end up not being able to use it or to bee uncomfortable in it. Buy the right size and if you need fitting, then it‘s always possible to tighten the garment so that it fits you perfectly. But it is imposible to to make a garment bigger. If your garment needs fitting It‘s a good thing to order a time with a seamstress with good time ahead of you so that the dress is ready no longer than two weeks before the wedding. Then be carefull not to loos to much weight of stress just before the big day.
If your measurements proportions are very different form the ones we have in our standard sizes, take your widest measurements into acount. Then you can allways have the garmentt fitted to the smaller measurement. When you take your measurements, do not tighten the measure tape to much to your body, it’s better to be able to fit two fingers between the tape and your body.

Have the length of the dress fitted with your bride shoes on
The best way to assure that the length of your dress&skirt is perfect is to have the hem fitted woth your bride shoes on. You can completely ruinthe look of the dress&skirt if the length is wrong. If it is to short the look can be a disaster and if it is too long you will be very uncomfortable and can even trip and fall.

Order the dress with good notice
If there is something you don´t whant to fail, it´s the dress. Be sure to order ti in time just in case. Here at Begga Design we do all we can to get your order to you as soon as posible. But there can alvays be incidents, the dress can be temporarily out of stock, the fabric can be out of stock, the delivery can take longer than expected or if your country pases all mail through customs, that can take time as well. Keep in mind that Begga Design is based in Madrid, Spain and all shipping is made from there.

Try on the whole outfit some days before the wedding
All of it, underwear, shoes, accesories etc. Just as you are planing on wearing them on your wedding day, just to make sure that every thing is ok and to have some time to fix things that might not be rigth.