About us

Who are we and what do we stand for
Begga Design is an Icelandic brand dedicated to the design and production of woman’s wear. The brand was originally founded in the year 2000 by Berglind Arnadottir.
Begga Design has a very strong personal, recognizable style; we love to mix past and future, craft and technology. Always feminine, a bit edgy, with a dash of fantasy, but practical and comfortable at the same time. Sounds complicated but it works and that’s whatBegga Design stands for. We like to investigate with new shapes and volumes, but always in a way that it improves the figure of the woman who wears it.

What do we do
We work with quite a wide range of products, from woman´s wear, accesories to bride’s collection. But our biggest part is in between, multi-functional every day and occasion wear.
With our Bridal Collection we want to give an alternative to the women that do not want the traditional rigid dress, and go even further; we want them to be able to create their own look taking into account their different figures and taste.
The idea behind our bride collection is that you can create your own look combining different skirts, tops and accessories that you can even wear with your everyday Jeans, tops after your wedding. We are also avoiding the traditional Bridal look, making it look more personal and less rigid.
We think it’s really important that a bride does not feel that she is wearing a costume on her wedding day and also that she can move freely, after all it’s her day and she wants to enjoy the it, we just want to do comfortable, practical yet romantic and classy look’s that you can even use after your wedding.